Hello dear Readers, is a blog dedicated to the world of home-theater and especially to projection technology.

We, Anna&Flo, are a German&French couple in love with picture and sound. Obviously we watch a lot of movies… but we also enjoy to analyze, understand and review the latest evolution in the world of home-theater.

We hope to share with you our knowledge, discoveries and our passion for the big picture at home!

Talk to you soon. 😉




  1. Hello, Anna&Flo . . .

    I am delighted to have found your Projectiondream blog. It’s fantastic! It’s such a pleasure to read about home theatre from people who truly love all that BIG home entertainment has to offer.

    I just read your reviews of both the BenQ 1070 and the Epson EH-TW5300 (in Canada it’s the Epson HC2040). I believe your assessment of both models is bang on. I also have the Epson 5010 — and although it’s a better (more expensive projector) it doesn’t offer, to me, all that much more than some of the better “budget” units — especially when running a projector as a replacement of a flat panel TV.

    I enjoyed your blog entry about your new Elunevision screen. Life is hard! Finding the projector you wish to live with is enough of a challenge before dealing with all of the screen sizes, materials and types (fixed, tab-tension, etc.) that will work best within your budget. I just now read that you decided on the Elunevision 4K 100 Reference projection screen. By coincidence, this is one of the screens (tab-tension version) I’m considering. I was thinking of this screen material or buying their cheaper white screen fabric – rated at a 1.2 gain.

    I have four projectors (a bit obsessive, for sure). I have the BenQ 1070 and their 1075 — plus two Epson units – the 5010 and the 2040 (EH-TW5300). I am thinking of getting a 135″ screen and using the 2040 as a TV replacement. With the bulbs for this unit being only $99.00 to replace, it will be easier to afford a replacement as the lamp begins to dim too dramatically.

    For the 2040 (or the BenQ units) do you think 135″ is too big? The projector will be used only in a darkened room (no ambient light).

    All the best to your both for many more years of great reviewing. I will be checking back often to see what you are writing about.

    Please don’t write too much about REALLY expensive cool stuff – it will make me want it all!!! 😉





  2. I am really impressed by what you have done here, but have you stopped doing it? I don’t see anything here from
    2017. I hope you intend to do some more reviews. My only other suggestion is that it would be nice if you could
    also include the US model numbers of the projector’s you review.

    • Hi William!
      Glad you liked it!
      Actually, we did a shotout between 2 technical screens: the Elitescreen Cinegrey 5D and Draper React 3.0 but…never took the time to put it online.
      A few months ago, we also reviewed, measured, taken pictures of the new JVC X5500 but again never took the time to put it online (was very similar to the JVC X5000).
      And currently we have the new Sony 4K projector VW550es and we hope that we will have time to write a nice review when we are done. 😉

      We also currenty are doing comparison between 4K bluray player: Sony UB800, Panaosonic UB704 and Samsung K8500. Especially looking at the SDR REc2020 combined with the Epson EH-LS10000.
      Also we built ourselves a HTPC using Madvr and 4K upscaling with NGU sharp very high and have been building knowldege about it. Great topic! Again HDR to SDR conversion from Madvr is a great feature.

      We just need to find the time and motivation. 😉 Thanks for helping for the second part. 😉

      • I was just thinking how awesome it could be if you could compare a couple of different screens in your unique setup! As far as I can tell, the end contrast is a product of the projector, room reflection and the screen and so far you have done an awesome job showing the first two parts of that equation. Showing how much the screen affects the contrast would really tie your work together from my point of view. A comparison of a matt white, grey and an ALR screen with a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of each would be ideal.

        Please post your findings on the comparison of these two ALR screens… Pretty please?

  3. What a shame that your site is no longer being updated.
    You provided the most thorough reviews, including contrast measurements that actually meant something.
    Thank you for you efforts, and I hope all is well where ever you have gone.

    • Hi David. 🙂
      We are still there and well and lately have been discovering, enjoying and sharing our new knoledge with others the world of HTPC with Madvr.
      For example: How to make a non HDR projector fully compatible like our Epson EH-LS10000. 😉 Or how to get one of the 4K upskaling out there with Madvr and NGU.

      We have actually fully reviewed with all measurements and pictures:
      – the sony vw550es
      – the optoma uhd65
      – the JVC X5500

      and also did a quick review with measurement of a JVC X7500.

      But we never found the time or the energy to write the associated articles on the blog… and that’s a shame, really 🙂

      We also did a very accurate comparison of the ALR screen Draper React 2.0 and Eltescreen Cinegrey 5D using our minolta LS1000 and measured the increase in contrast for various real pictures, and also the true gain measured at different part of the screen linked to the angle. Also compared with and without our favorte triple black velvet curtains.
      It also never made it online.

      We still hope some day soon to put all those reviews online.

      The sony vw760es and optoma uhz65 are of great interest to us, as is a new kind of high gain screen from crystal screens. We may have a good look at them soon. 🙂

      Many projectors are however so simiar to their predecessors that it is really not worth it to do a full new review of them.

      You can still find us active in various german facebook group dedicated to home-theater: heimkinoforum or “HTPC Madvr Kodi 3Dlut” where we have a small community of passionated people there. We also created a french facebook groupe dedicated to home-theater: “Home-cinéma: le groupe des passionnés” a few months ago whch now count almost 2000 members 😉

      Anyway: thank you so much for your nice message. We still plan to be active in the future and this why we will continue to pay the host for the blog to keep our blog online.

      Have a great day and hope to talk to you somewhere (avsforum, cinetson, facebook,, hcfr, avforums etc 😉


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