Protostar vs DC-Fix vs Triple Black Velvet vs Devore


Hello all!

Just a short post to share with you some pictures of the best black stuff you can use for your home theater.

In a first category, we find:

  • Protostar: a self adhesive black flocked sheet created to improve contrast in lining telescope tube by absorbing any reflected light. Protosatr claims to absorb 99% of the visible light
  • DC-Fix: a self adhesive film velour black coming from Germany (a lot cheaper than protostar)

– The Protostar is very well know on the AVSforum and is used for DIY screen frame, masking, or even on the walls of some home theater.

– DC-Fix is well know in Europe (Germany: and France: for about the same reasons

But how do they look like in direct comparison: which is the blackest?


Here in comparison with my Elunevision Black Velvet Frame:


The protostar is clearly blacker than the DC-Fix but for the price the DC-Fix is already a very good choice and easy to use! For Europa DC-Fix is clearly the best choice but for USA and critical use (like for us! 🙂 ) protostar wins!


In the second category (not self-adhesive fabric):

– The triple black velvet is well known on AVS forum and the French forum cinetson. It is often used to make curtains. However, it cannot be used to stop the daylight, since it is very thin. But the fabric is very good at catching reflected light in a home theater to improve contrast and immersion. (Note that one side has no velvet on it)

– The Devore is very well know in the UK on the AVforum and is used for curtains and black panels. It is so light that the people on the forum have declared it acoustically transparent. It is also great at creating a “black hole” feeling in your home theater!

But how do they look like in direct comparison: which is the blackest?


Here in comparison with my Elunevision Black Velvet Frame:


I think we can say it’s a perfect tie. They are both wonderfull at creating the feeling of a black hole for a pure immersion in your home theater. They even compete with the vlevet of my Elunevision frame, that’s to say!


And here the global comparison between all on the same pictures:

It’s clear that the triple black velvet and the devore velvet are the 2 winners. Then comes protostar. After that DC-Fix and then the black carpet. The loser is the stage molton even if it does look black… on it’s own! 🙂

The first picture is the most accurate regarding the colours and black levels.





And finally, here is our example of what can be done with triple black velvet, DC-Fix and stage molton:

  • side and top curtains out of the triple black velvet
  • variable screen masking system out of the DC-Fix
  • stage molton nailed on the wall behind the screen






  1. Hi,

    How will you rate this screen when it comes to transparency, uniformity, is it opaque, texture, sparckle ++

    I just ordered a 135″ 2.35:1 screen from them?

    Sent the same questions via PM on AVForum.


  2. Excellent comparison, thanks!

    Do I understand correctly that Devore and Black Triple Velvet both are directional pile fabrics?
    And here it is important to their correct orientation with respect to the light source. Ie they are most effective only one side – it is necessary to take into account.

    While the DC-Fix and Protostar have a pile perpendicular to the basis. And it it does not matter from which direction the light is coming from.

    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry for the delay and… happy new year!

      Glad you liked the comparison!

      The devore and triple black velvet are so good BECAUSE they are NOT (or almost) directional in their way to absorb light. A lot of other velvets we tested were VERY directional.

      DC-FIX and Protostar are not directional at all. But even in their worst direction/orientation, the Devore and Triple Black beat hands down the DC-Fix and Protostar when it comes to black.


  3. Excellent work! thanks for sharing the whole comparison.
    I have just a question: how do you maintain tense the top curtain? Did you make a step by step tutorial for building the curtains?

    • Hi Leonardo!
      The triple black velvet is very light. If you cut it to the perfect dimension, it will almost no sag or hang. That’s the only trick! 😉


      ps: Tutorial is coming…

  4. This looks really great!
    Just one question: Does the curtains overlap your speakers?
    Do you recognize any difference in the sound with closed curtains – like problems in high-ranges?

  5. Hello, I saw your movie with the tripple black velvet curtain at the ceiling and sidewalls, swinging inside the room and greatly improving the contrast and blacks. How did you make it? I’m really looking forward to your tutorial how to make it. Please post it soon 😉 Bitte.

  6. Erst einmal danke für die Mühe so viel verschiedene Stoffe zu testen.!! Eine Frage hätte ich noch, gibt es auch eine deutsche Adresse wo man den Triple Stoff bestellen kann?

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